Best Children’s Yoga DVDs

You might think that yoga is only suited for adults. But do you know that it is good for kids, too? In fact, the sooner that kids get acquainted with yoga, the sooner they’ll reap the benefits. Practicing yoga at a young age will improve the child’s life as they grow. It helps counter the pressures of busy parents, incessant lessons, competitive sports, school pressures, videogame stress and more that children typically live with. With yoga, children learn the techniques of relaxing, self health and inner fulfilment so that they can deal with life’s challenges with ease. It also improves their self esteem, compassion and cooperation with other people.

How can kids engage with yoga? To give your kids the best wellness DVD that can introduce them to yoga, here is a list of some of the best children’s yoga DVD in stores today:


Gaiam Kids: YogaKids Fun Collection

Introduce yoga to your kids just like they’re playing. This acclaimed Gaiam Kids set engrosses your children in fun yoga-style moves and activities that help develop their confidence, learning skills and physical fitness. It contains routines consisting of ABC’s, letters, nature, and animals to inspire the kids to get moving. The 40 minute Silly to Calm routine teaches them how to handle feelings and challenges they face everyday and help to release the energy within them. The presentation of yoga in this DVD is entertaining and educational and may become your family’s favorite DVD.


  • In 2 discs
  • 80 minutes total run time
  • Multiple formats
  • Lively instructor
  • Affordable


  • Almost challenging for two year olds

The Gaiam Kids: YogaKids Fun Collection is a good buy since it’s cheap in price but not in quality. It contains 2 discs with 80 minutes of total run time. The instructor has a calming voice and is fun but lively. Kids will like it but some kids might not and it depends your child’s attention span. It may be challenging for two year olds and they might get bored, though.


Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids and Families

Hosted by certified children’s yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy, this DVD introduces children to a fun-filled yoga adventure with eco-conscious messages. The yoga is introduced through stories such as “Condor Trek” and “Save the Whale” to engage the child’s imagination through storytelling. Kids are part of the story as they play the parts and imitate the animals in different poses. This is a great exercise and help kids calm down so that they can focus and increase their mental clarity.


  • 100% recycled packaging
  • 60 minutes total run time
  • Age appropriate
  • Easy to follow
  • Encourage positive influence on environment
  • Fun filled
  • Results to great focus and increased clarity


  • Not much yoga

Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids and Families doesn’t just engage your kids in the wealthy benefits of yoga, it also enlightens them to environmental issues and protection. This is definitely a fun-filled yoga DVD that children will love. This is a great way to introduce yoga to younger age!


Kids Yoga DVD – Once Upon a Mat

This yoga DVD doesn’t include children in the video but only the certified and personal yoga instructor who speaks directly to your kids since kids love one-on-one attention. The content of this yoga DVD will give kids exciting yoga experiences through a story. It engages them in different yoga poses and breath work. The background of the video is free from distractions, allowing children to go as far as their imagination takes them. This yoga DVD contains an African safari, getting caught in a thunderstorm and a trip to outer space. It consists of 9 chapters of 3-5 minutes each. Kids can create their own yoga adventure through mix and match chapters. This is ideal for kids ages 2 1/5 to 8.


  • Widescreen format
  • 38 minutes total run time
  • Cute chapters
  • Well done developmental appropriateness
  • Enhances imagination
  • Great storyteller and yoga guide
  • Great for family


  • Too short videos

Kids Yoga DVD – Once Upon a Mat is great for wide range of ages from 2 ½ to 8 that the whole family will love. The videos may be too short but it can be combined with other chapters so that kids will have their own unique yoga story. The yoga instructor is a great storyteller, too, so that she doesn’t bore the kids and pays them one-on-one attention. It’s in widescreen format so it can be suitable for a kindergarten class. Kids will like it!



All of the best children’s yoga DVDs above are demonstrated and facilitated by professional yoga instructors who can effectively engage kids in the yoga video. What stands out the most among the three yoga DVDs is the Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids and Families because while it engages kids in yoga and its positive benefits, it also introduces them to environmental protection. This is fun-filled yoga because kids use their own imagination as they take part in the stories. It runs for 60 minutes and is packaged in 100% recycled material. The routines are easy to follow for the appropriate ages and they will have fun like they are just playing.

The Kids Yoga DVD – Once Upon a Mat also enhances the imagination of the kids while they learn different yoga poses and breathing. It’s in a widescreen format and enables children to imagine as much they can.

Last but not the least is the Gaiam Kids: YogaKids Fun Collection. It develops kids’ learning skills, physical fitness and confidence with its routines consisting of numbers, ABC’s, animals and nature. It gets kids moving with its entertaining presentation and children’s yoga instructor. Overall, these best children’s yoga DVD are great and effective for engaging kids in yoga with their kid-friendly presentation. Introduce your kids to yoga at an early age and they will reap its benefits while they are growing. Plus, it encourages healthy family bonding. Have a fun-filled yoga adventure with your kids!

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