Best Yoga DVD for Wellness


Get the most out of yoga from the best and effective yoga DVDs today! There are different types of yoga depending on your body’s physical and mental wellness needs. One of the most essential yoga types is wellness yoga that helps improve gastrointestinal disorders, the total cleansing of the body, relieving stress and sleep disorders, meditation and more. Choose among the many yoga DVD for wellness that are easy to follow and are demonstrated by professional yoga therapists. Here are three of the best yoga DVDs for wellness today that fit your lifestyle and needs:


Body Wisdom’s Yoga for Beginners

Renowned yoga instructor Barbara Benagh introduces you this Yoga for Beginners DVD, filmed in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Half Moon Bay in Antigua, which complements the experience of serenity. This DVD includes eight different workouts that help improve your health and vitality, builds strength, increases flexibility and changes the way you look and feel. It’s designed for everyone, especially beginners who want to try yoga. Unlike most yoga DVDs that have a single routine, Body Wisdom’s Yoga for Beginners can be customized to suit each person’s needs. It can also be customized depending on time constraints. It has 240 minutes of valuable content, including an interview with Barbara Benagh who has over 35 years of yoga practice and teaching.

Yoga for Beginners


  • 378 minutes run time
  • Customizable routine
  • Eight different workouts
  • Short segments for basic moves
  • Top selling yoga DVD
  • With interview with the instructor
  • Improves wellness


  • Slow
  • Boring

Body Wisdom’s Yoga for Beginners is a great yoga DVD for wellness. It’s one of the top-selling yoga DVDs in the United States and Canada. Since each person has unique needs, the routines included in this yoga DVD can be customized depending on the person’s needs, abilities and time constraints. Some people may find it slow and boring but it’s designed to calm down and ease your mind and nerves.


Body Wisdom Yoga for Beginners and Beyond

Get everything you need to start a healthy lifestyle with Body Wisdom Yoga for Beginners and Beyond. It contains 40 routines ranging from 15 – 60 minutes, each focusing on different physical and mental aspects of yoga, such as flexibility improvement, building strength, easing stress and more. With the regular practice of these routines, this yoga DVD will leave your mind and body feeling more invigorated, healed and relaxed. One of the highlights of Body Wisdom Yoga for Beginners and Beyond is the modifiable poses for less flexible individuals. This set contains 3 DVDs that each focus on stress relief, yoga for beginners for AM/PM routines and yoga for inflexible people respectively.

Yoga for Beginners and Beyond


  • 40 routines
  • 3 DVDs
  • 600 minutes run time
  • Increases flexibility
  • Relieves stress
  • Easy to follow


  • Transitions are quite jolting

Everything you need in a yoga DVD is contained in this Body Wisdom Yoga for Beginners and Beyond! With 600 minutes total run time, it will surely have the routines you need for a specific goal and purpose. Are you not so flexible? No worries because it has routines especially tailored for inflexible people. The DVD set is great for a beginner to intermediate yoga student. It’s definitely worth a try!


Detox Yoga Flow with Amy Schneider

Is your heart broken? Does your soul feel empty? Is your mind stressed out? You’ve got just the right answer with Detox Yoga Flow with Amy Schneider! It consists of three flowing routines specifically designed to release stored emotions and tension in our bodies to release stress and calm our minds. The 70 minute content is divided into three routines of 20 minutes each with a bonus 10 minute Pilates strengthening series. The routines lead to postures that build heat in the body to cleanse your organs and supply your whole body with fresh oxygen. The first part contains the flowing sequence to wake up the body and create space; the second part incorporates sun salutations to begin with the flow and kindle the core to build up warmth in the body and the third part brings you to most sweat-inducing routines.


  • 70 minutes total run time
  • Detoxifying
  • Very detailed
  • Awesome yoga instructor
  • In studio feel
  • Bonus Pilates sessions


  • Quite fast tempo

Detox Yoga Flow with Amy Schneider effectively releases stored emotions and tension, which gives way to supply your system with fresh oxygen. Each of the three routines includes Pilate sessions that complement your yoga routines. Plus, Amy Schneider is an effective yoga instructor who will inspire you to get going with the routines.



When choosing the best yoga DVD, pick up the one that will fit your needs and lifestyle. If you want to build strength, increase your flexibility and improve your health and vitality, the Body Wisdom’s Yoga for Beginners is good for you. It consists of eight routines that can be customized based on your physiological needs. If you want to release your energy and tension inside your body and supply yourself with fresh oxygen, the Detox Yoga Flow with Amy Schneider is a great buy. It works to specifically relax your mind and body and help to forward your life and potentials.

What stands out the most is the Body Wisdom Yoga for Beginners and Beyond. At almost the same price as the other two yoga DVDs, it’s a set of three DVDs that include everything you need to release energy, calm your mind and improve your strength, leaving you calmed and invigorated. It even has the one disc dedicated to the beginners and inflexible people to help them improve their flexibility with easy-to-follow poses. All of the best three yoga DVDs for wellness are demonstrated by well-known yoga professionals. Choose one now and experience the wellness you have never achieved before. Have a relaxing yoga time!



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